SunSirs: The Stainless Steel Market Was Running Weakly on November 23

2021-11-29by admin

  Price trend

  According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, on the 24th, the price of stainless steel fell slightly, quoting 19,033.33 RMB/ton, down 0.52% from the previous trading day and up 31.72% from the beginning of the year.Analysis review

  Stainless steel’s November production schedule rebounded from the previous period, but the off-season accumulated inventory has appeared, downstream demand is sluggish, and stainless steel mills continue to lower their quotations. If there is no significant improvement in the demand for stainless steel, there may still be a certain amount of pressure on the raw material end.

  In terms of inventory, inventory rebounded, and the supply and demand pattern was weak.

  Market outlook

  It is expected that the market outlook for stainless steel is still prone to decline but difficult to rise.