SunSirs: Trading Was Short, the IPA Market Fell in November

2021-12-01by admin

  Price trend提交According to the monitoring of bulk commodity data, the price of IPA has fallen this month. The average domestic IPA price at the beginning of the month was 8,033.33 RMB/ton, and the average price at the end of the month was 7,233.33 RMB/ton. The price fell within the month by 9.96%.Analysis reviewDomestic IPA prices fell in November. Internationally, the price of IPA in the United States remained stable in November, and the European IPA market was mainly stable. As of the 29th, domestic IPA quotations range was 7,000-7,100 RMB/ton in Shandong, 7,200-7,400 RMB/ton in Jiangsu, and 7,100-7,200 RMB/ton in Zhejiang. The raw material acetone fell this month, the downstream wait-and-see sentiment was obvious, the on-site inquiries were normal, and the overall transaction was relatively deserted. The industry lacked confidence, the downstream inquiries were too few, more wait and see, shipments were slow, and prices were lowered.提交As for the raw material acetone, the price of acetone fell this month. As of the 26th, domestic factories were currently bidding at 5,700 RMB/ton, and offers in major mainstream regions were as follows: acetone was offered at 5,700 RMB/ton in East China, acetone was offered at 5,750 RMB/ton in South China, and acetone was offered at 5,700-5,750 RMB/ton in Yanshan and Shandong. The acetone market is difficult to improve in the short-term. The market trading atmosphere is normal, the factory operating rate is maintained, and the market supply is relatively sufficient. However, under the pressure of cost, the holders have little intention of low-price shipments, but due to the difficulty of improving downstream demand, the price is unlikely to fluctuate greatly.提交In terms of raw material propylene, the domestic propylene market fluctuated and fell this month, and corporate offers were basically the same. Companies mainly completed old customer orders, new orders were short, downstream buying was insufficient, and rigid demand was the main focus. The prices of upstream raw materials declined as a whole, and under the constraints of cost and demand, the price of propylene was continuously lowered by enterprises in order to smoothly sell their goods. On the whole, the propylene market is dominated by negatives. In the market outlook, along with the impact of low-price shipments due to eager delivery of goods, propylene prices may continue to fluctuate and fall.

  Market outlook

  The IPA analyst of SunSirs believes that: at present, foreign export orders are average. The prices of raw materials, acetone and propylene, have fallen, with little support. Downstream players are not enthusiastic about buying, and mostly wait-and-see. The overall trading atmosphere in the market is thin. Overall, the price of IPA will continue to be weak in the short term, and follow-up will pay more attention to changes in news.