SunSirs: China Coke Market was temporarily Stable after Falling on November 30

2021-12-02by admin

  According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, on November 30, the price of primary metallurgical coke in Shanxi was 2,494 RMB/ ton and the price of secondary metallurgical coke was 2,438 RMB/ ton, which has fallen back to the price before the sharp rise from July to September.

  After the eighth round of price increase and decrease, the coke market temporarily operated stably. There were eight rounds of increase and decrease in the coke market, with a cumulative decrease of 1,600 RMB/ ton. Recently, some low inventory steel mills in the downstream began to replenish, and the shipment of coke enterprises was good. With the approach of the Winter Olympic Games, measures such as production restriction have become stricter, and the supply of coke is expected to be tightened in the future. Recently, the mentality of coking enterprises has improved slightly compared with that in the early stage. At present, they are actively shipping.