SunSirs: China Domestic PVC Prices fell on November 30

2021-12-02by admin

  Latest price (November 30): 9,150 RMB/ ton

  According to the data monitoring chart of SunSirs, on November 30, the closing price of PVC main contract 2201 was 8,555 RMB/ ton, the futures price fell, the spot market was sideways sorted, the enterprise quotation decreased, the adjustment range was about 100-200 RMB/ ton, the market center of gravity moved down, but there was no price demand in the off-season, the downstream purchase was cautious, and the actual transaction atmosphere was general, At present, the price of PVC calcium carbide method type 5 is mostly 9,000-9,300 RMB/ ton, and the actual transaction is mainly through negotiation.China PVC market is expected to be weak in the short term.