SunSirs: China Fuel Oil 180CST Increased on December 6

2021-12-07by admin

  According to the data of SunSirs, as of December 6, the average price of domestic fuel oil 180CST was 5,060.00 RMB/ ton (including tax), an increase of 0.20% compared with 5,050.00 RMB/ ton on December 5.

  At present, the ship fuel market is still bearish, with poor terminal demand, light transaction, cautious downstream procurement and strong wait-and-see mood. The market price of fuel oil 180CST low sulfur is about 4,900-5,200 RMB/ ton, and the market price of fuel oil 120cst low sulfur is about 5,000-5,300 RMB/ ton. It is expected that China fuel oil 180CST market will be mainly sorted out in the near future.