CAS 2273-43-0

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Chinese name: FASCAT9100 catalyst, butyl stannic acid

Alias: FASCAT9100 catalyst, butyl stannic acid, CAS 2273-43-0, butyl stannic acid; butyl hydroxy tin oxide; monobutyl tin hydroxide; n-butyl tin oxide hydroxide; Monobutyltin Oxide monobutyl tin oxide; monobutyl tin oxide; Butyl stannic acid F4100; monobutyl stannic acid; monohydroxy butyl tin oxide; mono hydroxy butyl tin oxide, butyl hydroxy tin oxide, monobutyl tin oxide, mono butyl tin oxide, mono butyl tin hydroxide; butyl hydroxy stannic oxide ; Butyl enoic acid; monobutyl tin oxide, monobutyl tin oxide, monobutyl tin hydroxide oxide

English name: FASCAT9100, Butylhydroxyoxo-stannane;n-Butyltin hydroxide oxide;butyl-hydroxy-oxotin;Butyltin oxide;Monobutyltin Oxide;1-Butanestannonic acid;Butylenestannonic Acid;Butylhydroxytin oxide;Butylstannoic acid;butylstannoic acid catalyst;Butylstannonic acid;Butyltin hydroxide acid catalyst;Butylstannonic acid;Butyltin hydroxide oxide;n-butylstannoic acid;n-butylstannonic acid;Stannane,butylhydroxyoxo


FASCAT9100 catalystButylhydroxyoxo-stannane	Butylstannic acid	n-Butyltin hydroxide oxide	CAS 2273-43-0
FASCAT9100 catalyst Butylhydroxyoxo-stannane Butylstannic acid n-Butyltin hydroxide oxide CAS 2273-43-0

Physical and chemical properties:

CAS 2273-43-0


Molecular formula C4H10O2SN

【EINECS Number】218-880-1

【Molecular formula】C4H10OSn

【MDL Number】MFCD00013927

【Molecular Weight】192.83

【Boiling point】350 °C

【Density】1,46 g/cm3

Monobutyl tin oxide, also known as monobutyl tin oxide, is a white powder, insoluble in water and most solvents, but soluble in strong alkalis and mineral acids.



Mainly used as a catalyst for the production of polyester resins for powder coatings

Catalyst, can be used for the synthesis of saturated polyester powder coatings and coil coatings;

Can be used for the production of unsaturated polyester in gel coatings, sheet molding compounds and casting applications;

The catalyst can be used in the production of polymeric plasticizers.


Storage and transportation:

It should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse.



Packing: 25Kg cardboard drum.