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Linzhou Company recycled sodium molybdate.
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There are many types of chemical raw materials, and they have a wide range of uses. There are as many as 5-7 million kinds of chemicals in the world, more than 100,000 kinds are sold and circulated in the market, and more than 1,000 new chemicals are released every year.
Chemical raw materials can generally be divided into two categories: organic chemical raw materials and inorganic chemical raw materials
Organic Chemical Materials
Can be divided into alkanes and their derivatives, alkenes and their derivatives, alkynes and derivatives, quinones, aldehydes, alcohols, ketones, phenols, ethers, anhydrides, esters, organic acids, carboxylic acids Salts, carbohydrates, heterocycles, nitriles, halogenated, aminoacyl, other types
Inorganic Chemical Materials
The main raw materials of inorganic chemical products are chemical minerals such as sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium (see inorganic salt industry), coal, petroleum, natural gas, air, water, etc. In addition, the by-products and wastes of many industrial sectors are also raw materials for inorganic chemicals. For example: coke oven gas in the coking production process in the iron and steel industry. The ammonia contained in it can be recycled with sulfuric acid to produce ammonium sulfate, chalcopyrite, and galena. The waste gas from the smelting of ore and sphalerite can be used to produce sulfuric acid.
The chemical industry occupies an important position in the national economy of various countries and is the basic industry and pillar industry of many countries. The development speed and scale of the chemical industry have a direct impact on all sectors of the social economy. The annual output value of chemical products in the world has exceeded US$1.5 trillion. The chemical industry is a major polluter due to its diverse categories, complex processes, and diverse products, as well as many types, large quantities, and high toxicity of pollutants emitted during production. At the same time, chemical products may produce large amounts of toxic substances in various links such as processing, storage, use and waste disposal, which affect the ecological environment and endanger human health. The sustainable development of the chemical industry has important practical significance for human economic and social development
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