SunSirs: Under the Support of Raw Materials, the Epoxy Resin Market Continued to Rise

2021-09-01by admin

  Price trend

  After the domestic epoxy resin market stabilized for a period of time, it rose again this week, and low prices were hard to find. As of August 20th, the liquid epoxy resin market in East China was up 1,000-1,500 RMB/ton as a whole, and the ex-factory price of liquid epoxy resin in barrels was 34,000-34,500 RMB/ton; the liquid epoxy resin market in Huangshan was offered at 29,300-29,600 RMB/ton; the liquid epoxy resin market in Huangshan was offered at 29,300-29,600 RMB/ton in Shandong area.

  Analysis review

  On the one hand, the prices of dual raw materials bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin continued to rise. The offer of raw material bisphenol A was raised again by 500-800 RMB/ton, and the offer was at 27,500-27,800 RMB/ton. Since August, bisphenol A has continued to operate at a high level, and the supply of goods has been tight. It eased in mid-August. This week, affected by the surge in raw materials, it rose again. The prices of factories and holders were firm. From September to November, the factory is expected to increase overhauls, and the future supply is expected to decrease, and the short-term bisphenol A will continue to run at a high level.

  The offer of raw material ECH rose to 14,166.67 RMB/ton. Compared with the previous period, there was little fluctuation this week, and it was operating at a relatively high level.

  At present, the downstream is relatively repulsive of high-priced sources, and most of them consume pre-orders. New orders are obviously insufficient and actual orders are insufficient.

  Market outlook

  From the perspective of SunSirs, the cost is strong. Under the continued tight supply of bisphenol A, it is difficult to have downside expectations in short term. The price of ECH is high, and the epoxy resin will run at a high level under the support of the cost in short term. SunSirs predicts that the epoxy resin market will consolidate at a high level next week, and the offer of liquid epoxy resin in East China will be 34,000-34,500 RMB/ton.