SunSirs: With Negative Factors, Spandex Price in the Chinese Market has Fallen by more than 13% in the Past 4 Months

2021-12-15by admin

  In mid-August this year, the domestic spandex market showed a downward trend. After a brief stabilization adjustment in October, it continued to drop in November. As of December 14, the average market price was 72,200 yuan/ton, down 13.79% from August 18. , An increase of 74.40% year-on-year. Spandex manufacturers maintained a high level of 8.90% when they started operations. Manufacturers chose to sell at profit, and there was more room for negotiation on actual transaction prices in the market. The cost side gradually loses support, the demand side is slow to follow up, and on-demand procurement is the main focus. The surrounding negative factors have caused the overall market focus of spandex to shift downward.The overall negotiating atmosphere of the pure MDI market is not good, downstream on-demand purchases, traders’ quotations have been steadily lowered, and the market is negotiating at 19500-20000 yuan per ton for self-pickup in wire transfer barrels. The PTMEG industry started at 8.20%, a narrow decline. In addition, supported by the high cost of upstream BDO, mainstream factories offered high prices, and mainstream factories with 1800 molecular weight sources offered prices near 47000-49000 yuan/ton. Real order negotiation refers to 47000-48000 yuan. /Ton.

  Downstream end customers conservatively purchase goods, and most of them have the mentality of “buy the ups and not the downs.” The overall market demand is weak, and the amount of goods received has fallen. Due to the impact of the epidemic prevention and control in Shaoxing, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang, customers hesitate to place new orders, and some weaving factories have a small amount of production inventory. At present, the circular knitting field is running at a low level of about 4-5%, and the warp knitting field is about 5-6%, with a slight decline in start-up.

  The cost-side support is weakened, and the demand for terminal market trading atmosphere is light. The current supply of spandex market is sufficient, and the confidence of all parties is insufficient. It is expected that the short-term spandex price center will continue to decline.