SunSirs: Weak Consolidation of China LPG Market on December 14

2021-12-15by admin

According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average price of liquefied gas in Shandong civil market was 5,150.00 RMB/ ton on December 13 and 5,150.00 RMB/ ton on December 14. During this period, the price remained stable, down 3.75% compared with December 1.
On December 14, the price of Shandong civil gas market was weak and the fluctuation range was limited. The slight decline of international crude oil has brought bad news to the market, the market terminal demand has not been significantly improved, the downstream market entry enthusiasm is not high, and the overall transaction atmosphere is general. The supply is relatively stable, and there is no significant change in Shandong market. China LPG price is expected to be weak in the short term.