Regular disposal unit for the recovery of vinyl chloride and ethyl acetate copolymer-Zhiduo recovery softener

2021-09-02by admin

Regular disposal unit for the recovery of vinyl chloride and ethyl acetate copolymer-Zhiduo recovery softener

Shao Hong’s new work “Love Needs You to Be Happy” is very well produced. The lyricist is musician Pan Xieqing. Pan Xieqing is a singer and songwriter. Many singers in the Mainland and China have sang songs written by Pan Xieqing. The music composition is performed by Malaysian musician Chen Feiwu himself. The arranger and soundtrack was jointly produced by Yin Yingjun (Korea) and Chen Feiwu, the chief arranger of “You from the Star”. In addition, the later stage of this song was performed by mainland musician Ma Jiantao. Such a high-profile production team shows Shao Hong’s high demands and high pursuit of his own music. It is understood that in the past two years, Shao Hong’s works have become more and more full of life, more intellectual, and more minded.
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“And Hua Chenyu set up almost: “I am also a fan of Teacher A Zhe. “Yang Kun did not follow the usual routines: “I hope to give you some unexpected surprises.” “And Karen Mok appeared as the “good” identity of Tianyuan. Seeing Tianyuan’s hesitation, Karen Mok helped her to summarize the male singer’s declaration: “The happiness to be pure lies in my little brother, and Hua Chenyu will It gives you a different kind of excitement, and Yang Kun’s strong arms have a sense of security. “Faced with Tian Yuan’s hesitation, Hua Chenyu on the side immediately added a promise: “Don’t worry that no one will marry you, I can…” In the end, Tian Yuan should choose Fei Yuqing who can be happy or Yang who has a sense of security. Kun, are you still going to stimulate Hua Chenyu? It is highly anticipated.