Tongshan High Density Polyethylene PE Recovery Softener

2021-09-02by admin

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Although in recent years, the countermeasures adopted by the chemical industry in my country regarding the pollution generated have made certain progress and results, the efficiency of wastewater has also been improved, and the discharge compliance rate has been improved from time to time, but at present, There are still certain problems and loopholes in the discharge of wastewater in our country. The compliance rate of wastewater discharge rate is still not very pessimistic, and the disposal of chemical wastewater will also incur higher costs. Therefore, for chemical scientists in various countries, the development of low-cost and efficient chemical wastewater treatment has once become a problem. Key work content.
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CMC with high viscosity and high degree of substitution is suitable for mud with low density, and CMC with low viscosity and high degree of substitution is suitable for mud with high density. The selection of CMC should be determined according to different conditions such as mud type, region, and well depth.