Recycling expired softener-Xiangfan my professional

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Hebei Shaoteng Chemical Co., Ltd. takes back the plan: softener waste wax, fatty alcohol, AC wax, soft wax, polywax, waste PE wax; waste white wax, waste candle, oligomer, hardened wax, palm wax, crude white wax Craft wax, saponified wax, foundry wax, stearic acid, solid oleic acid, beeswax, wax waste; textile wax, printing and dyeing wax, wax powder, alkylene dimer (AKD wax powder), ozokerite, Sasol wax, Hardened oil, craft candles; pure white wax, semi-extract white wax; glass craft candles, etc.; craft candles with fragrance; stearic acid (vegetable wax); candle accessories, candle waste, white wax waste, etc. Wax beads, wax Tablets, soft tablets, AKD wax powder, various waste waxes, chlorinated white wax 70, chlorinated white wax 52, polywax, waste white wax, glyceryl monostearate, palm wax, waste oil, stearic acid, palm Acid, carnauba wax, montan wax, beeswax, ozokerite, microcrystalline wax, imported polywax (good packaging), textile emulsion wax, sizing wax, ozokerite, etc. Various self-drying resins, solid resins, rosin resins, petroleum resins ,
Recycling expired softener-Xiangfan I Professional

Recycling expired softeners-Xiangfan I Professional
Recover polyamide resins, cheaply process paint resins, water-based resins, emulsions, various solid epoxy resins, resins, polyester resins, phenolic resins, petroleum resins, flake coumarone resins, dehydrated malic acid resins, polyacrylamides, ACR resin, MBS resin, ACM resin, UV resin and other active recovery dyes: recovery of H acid, resorcinol, sodium alginate, anthraquinone, Pingjia, etc. Retrieved pigments: Phthalocyanine pigments, ultramarine blue pigments, restoration pigments, ceramic pigments, plastic pigments, rubber., retrievable pigments, fluorescent pigments, permanent pigments, Lithol pigments, complex pigments, azo pigments, lakes, pigment red 254, Baohong, magenta, rubber scarlet, benzidine yellow, white carbon black, titanium powder, kaolin, iron oxide red, zinc oxide, luminous powder, mica, pearl powder, cadmium red, chrome yellow, magnesium silicate, red lead , Huang Dan, glitter powder, metal powder, lithopone powder and so on. Recovered paint coatings: epoxy paint, lacquer, lacquer, reclaimed plastic paint. Paint, antifouling paint, UV coating, tweezers coating, insulation coating, automotive coating, putty, other coatings, marking coatings, glass coatings, marine coatings , Female paint, conductive paint, floor paint, anti-corrosion paint, fireproof paint, anti-mildew paint, powder paint, epoxy paint, interior and exterior wall paint, etc.
Compared with natural fibers, the surface of synthetic fibers is too smooth and the reflectivity is too high, so titanium, zinc sulfide, etc. must be added.
Recycling expired softener-Xiangfan my professional
Hebei Shaoteng Chemical Co., Ltd. retracted: door-to-door purchase of all inventory chemical raw materials: softeners, dyes, pigments, coatings, paints, resins, aluminum paste, rubber, hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, BYK leveling agents, defoamers , Dispersant, UV photoinitiator, UV absorber, light agent, polyether polyol, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, black oxide, plastic convex and concave printing ink, oleic acid, AEO, printing paste, zinc propylene borate fiber Vegetarian, resorcinol, hydroquinone, nonylphenol polyoxyether, polyethylene glycol, vinyl acetate resin, flexible foam polyether, combination polyether, pressure-sensitive granular hot melt adhesive, retracted menthol, flavor, Vanillin, PVC polychloride resin, recovered coconut oil, lauric acid soap noodles, fumaric acid, chloroether resin, guaiacol,, zinc oxide, titanium, iso-ester MDI,, white oil, glycerin, polyol, seaweed Sodium and so on, there are thousands of chemical titles, as long as you deal with it, I will buy it, and take it back within 24 hours
2. Using o-nitro as raw material o-nitro can be reduced to o-thiophenol by reaction with the reducing agent sodium hydrosulfide. Further react with carbon to obtain accelerator M. Some of this kind of reaction time is longer, and the sodium hydrosulfide needs about 20h, but they can all be carried out under normal pressure or lower pressure, also known as normal pressure method.