SunSirs: This Week, the Domestic Acetic Acid Market Was Consolidating (August 7-13)

2021-09-03by admin

  Price trend

  According to the monitoring of the bulk data of SunSirs, the price of acetic acid rose slightly this week. The price of acetic acid on August 13 was 6,083.33 RMB/ton, an increase of 0.27% from the price of 6,066.67 RMB/ton on August 7, and a decrease of 1.67% compared with the beginning of the month.

  Analysis review

  This week, domestic acetic acid was operating in consolidation, and the fluctuation of acetic acid varied in different regions. Acetic acid prices rose in North China, Shandong, and Hebei. Acetic acid companies had overhaul plans, the supply of factories was tight, and market prices rose slightly; South China, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu were affected by public health incidents, logistics and transportation were blocked, market inventories were accumulated, downstream purchases were generally enthusiasm, procurement was rational, market transactions were insufficient, and the acetic acid quotations were lowered.

  On the downstream side, the market trend of butyl acetate continued to decline during the week due to the decline in the price of raw material n-butanol and the weak downstream demand; the market for ethyl acetate fluctuated, the quotation first fell and then rose during the week, the market trading was acceptable, the on-demand downstream followed up, and the later market would be sorted to run.

  Market outlook

  According to the acetic acid analyst of SunSirs, there is no obvious difference in downstream demand in various regions in China. The purchase is rational and on-demand downstream follow up. In terms of market supply, there are obvious differences in various regions. The market supply in East China and South China is sufficient, and the supply in North China is tight. From the perspective of supply and demand performance, it is expected that the market outlook will be differentiated and run, focusing on the situation of enterprise installations.