SunSirs: China Domestic PVC Prices Fell on December 15

2021-12-17by admin

  Latest price (December 15): 8,570 RMB/ ton

  According to the data monitoring chart of business society, on December 15, the main PVC contract 2205 closed at 805, down 2.86%. The futures fell, driving the spot market to continue to fall. On December 15, the average domestic spot price of PVC5 was 8,570 RMB/ ton, down 0.58% from the previous day. The reduction range of enterprises was mostly in the range of 50-300 RMB/ ton. At present, the mainstream price is 8,300-8,800 RMB/ ton. Enterprises continue to reduce prices to sell for shipment, However, in the off-season, the market trading is relatively flat, coupled with the decline of raw materials, the PVC market in China has strong negative factors.

  China PVC prices are expected to continue to weaken in the short term.