SunSirs: The Market Price of Seamless tube Rose Slightly on the 15th

2021-12-17by admin

  Price trend

  According to statistics from SunSirs, on December 15, the price of seamless tube rose slightly. Spot 20#, 108*4.5 seamless tube were quoted at 5,862.5 RMB/ton, up 0.13% from the previous trading day. The price was up 14.45% from the beginning of the year, and the price increased 23.88% year-on-year.

  Analysis review

  Production restrictions have been relaxed. The operating rate of Shandong’s mainstream private pipe factories has basically reached 100%, which has caused the supply of seamless tube to rise sharply. However, the upstream tube billet resources are tight, and the price is slightly increased. As a result, the price of seamless tube mills is firm, and traders replenish the inventory on demand. However, the overall demand for seamless tube is currently weak.

  Market outlook

  The market price of seamless tube is expected to fluctuate strongly in the short term.