SunSirs: Price of Corn Starch in the Chinese Market is Weak

2021-12-20by admin

  Entering mid-December, the domestic corn market continued to rebound, the corn market supply was generally loose, and the domestic corn market price continued to operate steadily and weakly. The new season corn is high-yield, the mainstay of starch downstream trade has a strong wait-and-see attitude. The purchase and sale of starch is relatively cautious. Under the dual suppression of cost and demand, the domestic corn starch market price continued to be weak and adjusted. On December 16, the average price fell to 3,466.67 yuan/ton, compared with 12. On the 1st, it continued to fall back by 3.17%.

  The supply of corn in the market is gradually picking up, and the downstream trade entities of starch have a strong wait-and-see attitude. In the short term, there is still room for the domestic corn starch market price to fall.