SunSirs: Bidding Helped the Bisphenol A Market to Operate at a High Level

2021-09-06by admin

  According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, after a narrow decline this week, the bisphenol A market was again priced up by the auction on the 11th. It was reported that the starting bidding price of bisphenol A for a company in East China was 25,800 RMB/ton, which went through four rounds to 26,300 RMB/ton, with a small number of downstream parties participating in the bidding. With the help of the auction, the overall bid for the BPA market on the 11th was 27,000-27,200 RMB/ton, and the holders had a strong attitude to price.

  In terms of factories, Lihuayi Weiyuan and Nantong Xingchen had operating rates of 80%, and bisphenol A plants such as Sinopec Mitsubishi and Changchun Chemical were operating at full capacity. The main factors affecting prices at present are the lack of circulation in the trade link, the positive attitude of holders, and the strong reluctance to sell. On the 11th, the bidding increased by 500 RMB/ton compared with the previous time, which is a strong support for the market.

  From the perspective of raw materials, the phenol market fluctuated within a narrow range on the 11th, pushing up 100 RMB/ton in a narrow range, and the negotiation was at 8,800-8,900 RMB/ton. In view of the high cost, the holders have obvious sentiment about the price, and the sentiment of the downstream bid is not good, which continues to suppress the market. In addition, transportation has rarely been hindered recently, the overall atmosphere is tepid, the participation of middlemen is low, the market activity is not good, and the trading surface is not optimistic. It is expected that phenol will continue to fluctuate within a narrow range in the short term.

  The market for acetone, another raw material, rose sharply in August and continued to rise. The market was a little stale this week. The mainstream negotiation range was 5,600-5,700 RMB/ton. The market sentiment was general. The downstream replenishment sentiment was cooling down. Traders’offers continued to show signs of low prices, and the focus of negotiations stopped rising and fell.

  Downstream liquid epoxy resin went down steadily. According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the liquid epoxy resin was negotiated at 32,500-33,500 RMB/ton, and the solid epoxy resin was negotiated at 28,000-28,800 RMB/ton. On the one hand, raw materials have stopped rising, the market is slightly weak, and the bullish support is reduced; on the other hand, logistics and transportation are blocked. Major companies followed up on market offers and proceeded steadily. It is expected that the epoxy resin market is likely to fall but not rise in the short term.

  From SunSirs’view, the limited spot resources coupled with the bidding boost, BPA stopped falling and adjusted, but the acceptance of new downstream orders is currently limited. Although the holders are operating at a high price, the spot trading situation on the market is general. SunSirs expects the bisphenol A market to be firm and consolidate in the short term.