Qinzhou softener expired recycling

2021-09-06by admin

Door-to-door recycling expired recycling> Resins: epoxy resin, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, rosin resin, phenolic resin, polyester resin, polyethylene resin, petroleum resin, polyacrylamide resin, unsaturated resin, terpene resin, rosin , Paraffin, and other resins. > Inks: Offset printing inks, screen printing inks, transfer printing inks, screen printing inks, gravure printing inks, relief printing inks, and other resins and inks. > Paints: Epoxy paint, acrylic paint, alkyd paint, polyester paint, polyurethane paint, nitro paint, fluorocarbon paint, latex paint, asphalt paint, low paint, top paint, and other paints. The company adheres to the concept of harmonious coexistence and common development, with its own love and dedication to the industry, and is committed to creating a well-known and honest brand of the company in the industry.

Our company is willing to establish a long-term and sincere partnership with good corporate reputation and high-quality service, and jointly realize the goal of turning waste into treasure and protecting the environment! We operate with honesty, trustworthiness, fairness and reasonable price. The company is based on excellent prices and guarantees fair survival and credibility; when your company wants to deal with chemical waste, this recycling company is your choice. Telephone appointment, door-to-door service! Recycling of chemical raw materials, pesticide raw materials, ink raw materials, resin raw materials, plastic raw materials, rubber raw materials, daily chemical raw materials, cosmetic raw materials, washing powder raw materials, laundry detergent raw materials, paint raw materials, washing raw materials, electroplating raw materials, coating raw materials, leather raw materials, Food raw materials, dye recycling, pigment recycling, ink recycling, paint recycling, resin recycling, chemical additives, etc. Dyes (direct dyes, acid dyes, weak acid dyes, acid mordant dyes, neutral dyes, sulfur dyes, vat dyes, basic dyes, reactive dyes, cationic dyes, disperse dyes, and other imported and domestic dyes can be recycled)

Recycling inventory of pearlescent powder recycling price Hunan recycling inventory recycling price of asphalt paint , Pearl powder, scarlet powder, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, chromium oxide green, ultramarine blue, navy blue, molybdenum chromium red, cadmium red, lake, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine blue, Lithol red, antimony trioxide , Medium chrome yellow, lead chrome yellow, lemon yellow, rubber scarlet, permanent violet, benzidine yellow, and other organic and inorganic chemical pigments) additives (textile auxiliaries, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, plastic auxiliaries, rubber auxiliaries, Coating additives, PVC stabilizers, curing agents, flame retardants, emulsifiers, lubricants, defoamers, catalysts, food emulsifiers, surfactants, foaming agents, vulcanizing agents, softeners, dispersants, Tween , Rubber accelerator, rubber anti-aging agent, levelling agent, ultraviolet absorber, epoxy curing agent, chemical crosslinking agent, coupling agent, rubber release agent, film release agent, internal spray decoration agent, external spray decoration agent , Tire modification fluid, mold cleaning agent, metal cutting fluid, industrial cleaning agent and other chemical additives) Jize County Mengrui Chemical Co., Ltd.-Chemical Recycling It is a formal chemical recycling company approved by Jize Industry and Commerce. It is a chemical material recycling team in Hebei with “strong capital and credibility”.

Qinzhou softener expired recycling