SunSirs: The Market for Cyclohexanone Continued to Rise

2021-12-22by admin

  Price trend

  According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, from December 10th to December 17th, the average domestic market price of cyclohexanone rose from 10,166 RMB/ton to 10,500 RMB/ton, an increase of 3.28% during the week, and a month-on-month drop of 4.65% and a year-on-year increase of 54.79%.Analysis review

  This week, the domestic cyclohexanone market continued to rise. At the beginning of the week, cyclohexanone was sold less abroad, and market competition was small. In addition, some downstream companies just needed to purchase cyclohexanone. Cyclohexanone was reluctant to sell at low prices, and the transaction center was on the rise.

  Raw material pure benzene: The price of pure benzene in East China rose, and this round of increase was mainly driven by pure benzene prices in Shandong. The Shandong market began to speculate on the news that new downstream devices are about to enter the market. Traders are actively buying goods and prices are rising. In the East China market, driven by the atmosphere of Shandong, the volume of paper goods transactions increased, and prices also rose rapidly.

  Downstream CPL: Recently, the CPL plant had still partially reduced the operating rate and temporarily shut down and the supply of CPL continued to decrease this week. However, during the weekend, Hualu Hengsheng and Baling Petrochemical would gradually recover. Coupled with the recovery of Sanning and Baling Hengyi in the later period, the supply of CPL would increase again. With the high price of cyclohexanone, downstream purchases were cautious.

  Market outlook

  The cost side temporarily has support for cyclohexanone market, the spot supply of cyclohexanone is expected to increase, and the downstream procurement is cautious. Cyclohexanone analysts of SunSirs predict that the short-term cyclohexanone market will fluctuate.