SunSirs: The Seamless Tube Market Rose Slightly This Week (December 11-17)

2021-12-22by admin

  Price trend

  According to statistics from SunSirs, the market price of seamless tube rose slightly this week. At the weekend, the price of 20#, 108*4.5 seamless tube was quoted at 5,875 RMB/ton, an increase of 0.13% from 5,867.5 RMB/ton at the beginning of the week, an increase of 14.69% from the beginning of the year, and a year-on-year increase of 23.81%.

  According to data from SunSirs, the current seamless tube price is much higher than the seamless tube price in the previous two years, and it is now fluctuating at a low level.

  Raw material tube billets prices rose slightly

  Tube billet prices rose slightly this week. The tube billets of Weifang Special Steel Group, Huaigang Special Steel Group, and Zenith Steel Group were raised by 100 RMB/ton, 70 RMB/ton, and 70 RMB/ton respectively, and other billet manufacturers have raised 20-120 RMB/ton this week. and are now 20# hot-rolled tubes. At present, the ex-factory price of 20# hot-rolled tube billet is between 4,890-5,290 RMB/ton. Affected by limited production, tube billet resources are tight, and the upstream pessimism is gradually changing.Tube factory supported high prices

  At present, air pollution in Shandong has responded to the second level. Some pipe factories have suspended work and production. In addition, the downstream demand is not large, and the tube factory mainly sells at very high prices.Market outlook

  In summary, the demand for seamless tube is currently in a cyclical off-season. The seamless tube market shipments are average and the market is volatile. Steel traders currently have no plans for winter storage. It is expected that the seamless tube market will remain stable next week, with some small adjustments.