Epoxy resin market

2016-03-17by admin

1、the history of the epoxy resin
Development of epoxy resin has experienced a long period of time. As early as 1891, the German Lindmann with hydroquinone and epichlorohydrin, condensation resin and acid anhydride and cured, but its value has not been disclosed. In 1930, Pierre Castan of Switzerland and the United States S.O.Greenlee further study, with an organic polyamine which the resin cured, exhibits a high adhesive strength, it led to the discovery of its value. In 1938, P.Castam Swiss patent. 1947 United States Devoe-Raynolds company opened up epichlorohydrin – bisphenol A resin technology history, epoxy industrial development began. Shortly Switzerland CIBA company, American companies Shell and Dow began the development of industrial production and application of epoxy resin. And China began industrial production of epoxy resins in 1958.

2、epoxy classification
Epoxy resins generally divided into five categories: ether type epoxy resin, glycidyl ester type epoxy resin, glycidyl amine epoxy resins, linear aliphatic epoxy resins, alicyclic epoxy resin .

3、epoxy resin and cured advantages:
1) high adhesive strength, since the system containing the active epoxy group, a hydroxyl group, an ether bond, an amine bond, an ester bond polar groups such that the metal, ceramic, glass, concrete, wood, etc. have high viscosity bonding strength.
2) Curing shrinkage, phenolic resin 8-10%, 6-8% Silicone resin, polyester resin, gum 4-8%, 1-3% epoxy resin adhesive, epoxy resin-modified processed gum shrinkage can be reduced to 0.1-0.3%.
3) excellent chemical stability, acid, alkali, salt, oil immersed type, as an anti-corrosive primer for use as tankers, aircraft fuel tanks lining the inner wall and the like.
4) excellent electrical insulation, epoxy resins may be greater than the breakdown voltage of 35kv / mm.

4、the field of application of epoxy resin
1) Paint Industry: epoxy coating industry needs the largest amount, now more widely used in water-based coatings, powder coatings and high-solids coatings. It can be widely used in pipeline container, automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, electronics, toys, handicrafts and other industries.
2) electrical and electronic industry: epoxy glue can be used to electrically insulating material, for example, sealed rectifier transformer perfusion; sealing electronic components protection; insulated and adhesive mechanical and electrical products; sealing of the battery; capacitors, resistors, inductors surface coating.
3) metal jewelry, handicrafts, sports goods industry: the signs, jewelry, trademarks, hardware, rackets, fishing tackle, sporting goods, handicrafts and other products are used.
4) photovoltaic industry: it can be used in light-emitting diode (LED), digital control, pixel tubes, electronic display, LED lighting products such as packaging, filling and bonding.
5) construction industry: in roads, bridges, floors, steel structure, building, wall paint, dams, construction, repair of cultural relics and other industries will be widely used.
6) adhesives, sealants and composite materials: adhesives, composite carbon fiber sheet, sealing microelectronic materials of various substances such as wind turbine blades, handicrafts, ceramics, glass, etc. between the like.

5、the prospects for the development of epoxy resin
“2013–2018 panoramic survey of China’s epoxy resin market and development trend of the future report” in the data show that production of epoxy resins are mainly concentrated in China, Japan, Europe and the three regions, there are other South Korea, the United States, Taiwan, Thailand , South Africa and Venezuela. Production capacity in China accounted for about 60% of the world’s total production capacity.

Nevertheless, the market potential is still huge domestic enterprises to provide a space for survival and development. Expected to further growth in the future China will produce epoxy resin. Next 5–10 years, China epoxy resin industry will be further standardized, high production costs, environmental substandard, low-grade products enterprises will be eliminated. Meanwhile, the domestic industry to accelerate the development of pillar industries to epoxy resin business opportunities, such as the automotive sector, the information industry, energy, transportation, construction industry, a pillar industry in the ascendant these developments are applied in the field Miguel epoxy resin, will epoxy resin huge market demand.