SunSirs: On Dec 23rd, Nnews was Positive, Price of Magnesium Ingots in the Chinese Market Rose Sharply

2021-12-27by admin


  On the 23rd, the ex-factory price of 99.9% of mainstream areas was about 45,000-50,000 yuan/ton with VAT, an increase of 10,000 yuan/ton from Dec 22nd.The Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Supervisory Meeting pointed out that the Lanzhou charcoal industry in Yulin City was not well eliminated, the illegal construction was frequent, and the environmental problems were prominent cases. It conducted a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the problems involved in Yulin City, and arranged for the deployment of rectification work. The inspection of 349 blue charcoal plants with a single furnace capacity of less than 75,000 tons of 23 magnesium plants for illegal production, or the subsequent shutdown and elimination of outdated equipment, will directly affect the production and supply of magnesium ingots in the short term, and magnesium manufacturers have a strong willingness to uphold prices. . Affected by this news on the demand side, purchase inquiries were active, and the actual transaction rate also increased significantly.

  Outlook forecast

  At present, the policy rectification is not yet clear, and there are no rectification details for the time being. The follow-up still needs to pay attention to the changes on the policy side. In the short term, the risk of wide fluctuations in the magnesium market will not be ruled out.