Soluble content of elastomer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane

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For more information on the soluble content of elastomer-modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, please contact us by phone. We will provide you with technology and product services. With the emergence of various high-rise buildings, more and more basements have appeared. Due to special reasons, the location of the basement is easy to seep water from wall to wall. The lower the basement, the more water permeable mud, so the basement is needed. Waterproof, but the basement waterproofing method is more complicated and more difficult than the ground waterproofing method. The following describes the basement waterproofing construction plan.  Rolled material waterproof layer is suitable for underground engineering under the action of corrosive medium or vibration, usually in underground water environment.

At present, self-adhesive waterproofing membranes are widely used in the waterproof construction of major projects, and they are widely used in important projects such as urban railways and highway tunnels. Self-adhesive coiled material is a kind of waterproof coiled material with rapid growth rate in the market due to its safety (no need to roast, avoid fire), fast construction speed, effective prevention of water channeling, anti-adhesive pre-laid, and anti-aging characteristics. .  The advantages of self-adhesive waterproof membrane.  1. It has self-healing property, that is, the coiled material will automatically heal with these objects when it encounters puncture or embedded hard objects, so it can still maintain good waterproof performance.

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Elastomer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane soluble content ECB waterproofing membrane. ECB waterproofing membrane is a blend of ethylene vinyl acetate modified asphalt. This polymer waterproofing membrane has excellent weather resistance, durability, toughness, electrical insulation, high elongation, and strong penetration resistance. The wide range is also very large, and the selection range is very large.  PET waterproof membrane.  PET is the abbreviation of polyester, and the scientific name polyethylene terephthalate is a linear saturated polyester resin. This polymer waterproofing membrane is a new structure of waterproof material, with excellent performance of anti-fouling, waterproof and anti-fouling.

The mainstream household waterproofing membranes include polymer cement-based waterproofing membranes, which are easy to construct, dry quickly, and have good waterproof performance. The important thing is that they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and do not pollute the family environment.  The quality of the waterproof membrane can be judged from the gas of the liquid material. The mainstream waterproof membrane is two-component, and its performance is more stable than single-component. Generally, the odor of the liquid material of high-quality waterproofing membrane is very light, while the odor of poor-quality waterproofing membrane is strong and pungent.  In the Internet age, if any company cannot keep up with the trend of the times, it may accidentally be eliminated.

Glue it with an adhesive, dry it for a few minutes, and compact it with a pressure roller.  D. If the project requires double-layer waterproofing, the longitudinal seams of the second layer and the longitudinal seams of the layer must be staggered by at least one third, and the horizontal seams should be staggered by more than 1 meter.  SBS waterproofing membrane hot-melt construction method.  A. Apply primer (same as cold construction method).  B. The rolled material should be placed in a predetermined position, and the base and the rolled material should be heated with liquid gas or gas oil blowpipe. After the asphalt surface has melted a thin layer, the compacted material is rolled forward with a pressure roller during the baking and pressing. Waterstop series: Waterstop steel plate waterstop, waterstop, waterstop ring, waterstop screw. Waterproof series waterproof membrane closed-cell foam board polypropylene fiber TS waterproof membrane EPDM waterproof membrane, neoprene glue does not leak, linoleum paper self-adhesive waterproof membrane. In recent years, our company has signed cooperation contracts with many construction units and factories around Shandong, and has become a good partner. We have always been operating with integrity, cooperation and mutual win as the purpose, and guaranteed by sincere service and cost-effective products. To provide you with satisfactory, high-quality products and services.

3mm, 4mm thick SBS waterproof membrane price list. 3mm, type: polyester tire, 45 kg, 1*10 meters, 15 years of life, low temperature resistance -10 degrees, 170 yuan/roll, 100 pieces in stock. 3mm, polyester tire, 45 kg, 1*10 meters, 20 years of life, low temperature resistance -15 degrees, 200/roll, customized. 3mm, polyester tire, 45 kg, 1*10 meters, 30 years of life, national standard -20 degrees, 240/roll, customized national standard. 3mm, polyester tire, 45 kg, 1*10 meters, 30 years of life, national standard -25 degrees, 280/roll, customized national standard.

Self-adhesive waterproof membrane performance.  Water resistance.  Water resistance means that its performance is basically unchanged under the action of water and after being infiltrated by water, and it is impermeable under the action of pressurized water. It is usually expressed by indicators such as water impermeability and water absorption.  Temperature stability.  Temperature stability refers to the performance of non-flowing, non-foaming, non-sliding, and non-brittle-cracking at low temperatures, that is, the ability to maintain the original performance under a certain temperature change. Commonly used heat resistance, heat resistance and other indicators. Acrylic. This kind of waterproof material not only has a continuous coating after the coating film dries, the coating has good elongation and breaking strength, strong corrosion resistance, is not easy to fade and crack, and will not cause indoor air. Pollution, it is an excellent material for waterproof use in bathroom. Moreover, the construction of this waterproof material is relatively simple, and it can be applied by brush or roller. Because its performance characteristics are relatively stable, the application effect is ideal, and the price is moderate, it is widely used in home improvement waterproofing.