SunSirs: Demand is Sluggish, Chinese Domestic DDGS Continues to Decline Weakly, with Prices Falling by 2.11% from the Beginning of July

2021-09-07by admin

  Beginning in July, the domestic DDGS market continued to fall in a weak position and continued to fall until August. As of August 6, the average domestic DDGS market price was 2,476 yuan/ton, a 2.11% drop from the price in early July.

  Demand for terminal feed is sluggish, domestic DDGS continues to decline

  Since July, the demand for terminal feed has been flat. Alcohol plants have entered the shutdown and maintenance season due to profit losses. Some alcohol plants mainly sell domestic DDGS inventory. The market continues to be weakened. The main reason is that the price of raw corn continues to fall, and the support of raw material costs is limited. Domestic DDGS The rise is weak, the alcohol plant is shutting down for maintenance, and the willingness to stand up for the price is weak, and the domestic DDGS continues to fall. It fell until August. At the beginning of August, the demand for terminal aquatic feed was still flat. Soybean meal and rapeseed meal performed generally, and the boost was limited. Domestic DDGS fell to 2,476 yuan/ton.

  On August 6, Heyang Alcohol DDGS was quoted at RMB 2500/ton, which was 80 RMB/ton lower than in early July; Ensign offered RMB 2500/ton; Dongfeng DDGS offered RMB 2430/ton.

  The demand for terminal feed is weak, and the domestic DDGS market outlook is still under pressure and continues to be weak.