Leishan recycles a large amount of floor paint-buy liquefied MDI

2021-09-08by admin

Leishan came to buy all chemical raw materials in stock: floor paint, liquefied MDI
Our company recycles thousands of chemical raw materials across the country. There are many types of recycled materials, unlimited quantity and quality, and they can be recycled after they are scrapped. Our company has complete qualifications and is safe to recycle and reuse. The sales staff are all over the country and pick up the goods personally. You solve the inventory problem. The 24-hour wealth hotline looks forward to cooperating with you!
Formal and qualified recovery of dyes, pigments, coatings, hot melt adhesives, emulsifiers, creamer, milk powder, vegetable oil, epoxy zinc-rich paint, paints, resins, aluminum pastes, rubber, hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, BYK leveling agents, Foaming agent, dispersant, UV photoinitiator, UV absorber, light stabilizer, polyether polyol, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, vanadium oxide, plastic embossing ink, oleic acid, AEO, printing paste, Zinc borate hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, resorcinol, hydroquinone, nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether, polyethylene glycol, vinyl acetate resin, flexible foam polyether, combined polyether, pressure-sensitive granule heat Melt glue, menthol, flavor, vanillin, PVC polyvinyl chloride resin, coconut oil, lauric acid soap noodles, fumaric acid, chloroether resin, guaiacol, urotropine, zinc oxide, isocyanate, MDI , TDI, white oil, glycerin, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium alginate, etc.

1. Choosing dyes according to the nature of the fiber. Because of the different nature of various fibers, it is necessary to select suitable dyes when dyeing. For example, when cotton fiber is dyed, because its molecular structure contains many hydrophilic groups, it is easy to absorb moisture and expand, can react with reactive groups, and is more alkali-resistant, so you can choose direct, reduced, vulcanized, and ice dyes. And reactive dyes. Polyester has strong hydrophobicity and is not alkali-resistant at high temperatures. Under normal circumstances, the above dyes should not be used, but disperse dyes should be used for dyeing. The bulk casting material is prepared by the copolymerization of ester and polyfunctional monomers or other polyfunctional vinyl monomers through casting polymerization. Mainly used as aircraft hatch cover and windshield. Solution, semi-emulsion, and water-based thermosetting resins need to be heated and baked to cross-link and solidify to form a film to form a network structure. There are two types of cross-linking: 1 reactive cross-linking type, the functional groups in the polymer have no cross-linking reactivity, and cross-linking components with at least 2 functional groups must be added, such as resin, epoxy resin, urea resin and metal oxide, etc. After the reaction, cross-linking and curing, the cross-linking component can not be stored for a long time after being added, and should be used in time; 2 self-cross-linking type, the polymer chain itself contains more than two reactive functional groups, carboxyl groups, amide groups, etc., Heating to a certain temperature or adding a catalyst at the same time, the functional groups react with each other to complete the cross-linking. This kind of thermosetting resin is mainly used as fabric, leather, paper treatment agent, industrial paint and architectural coating.
Leishan Shaoteng Chemical Co., Ltd. collects and recovers liquefied MDI. Caprolactam, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride, hydroquinone, resorcinol, catechol, trimellitic anhydride, succinic anhydride, pentaerythritol, neopentyl glycol, polyethylene glycol, photoinitiator, methyl paraben Ester propyl butyl ester, sodium benzoate, thiourea, hot melt adhesive, guar gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan, pectin, malic acid, bisphenol A, caustic soda, Ping Ping O, styrene acrylic emulsion, acrylic emulsion , Tannic acid, H acid, lauric acid, fumaric acid, salicylic acid, tartaric acid, mannitol, citric acid, xylitol, stearyl alcohol, fatty alcohol, adipic acid, stearic acid, fatty acid, Oxalic acid, boric acid, Tween Span, leveling agent, defoaming agent, dispersing wetting agent, etc. Door-to-door cash sales, unlimited quantity, paid intermediaries, welcome friends from all walks of life to call, and create a better environment.
Hebei Shaoteng Chemical Co., Ltd. recycled: EVA particles, polyvinyl alcohol hot melt adhesive resin paint, epoxy resin epoxy curing agent, stearic acid soap particles, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, barium stearate, cadmium stearate, palm wax white wax Anti-dyeing salt masterbatch Hongdan, Huangdan three salt and two salt organic bentonite activated carbon adipic acid, purified phthalic acid, paraformaldehyde
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