SunSirs: COVID-19 Affects the Supply of Goods, Chinese Market Flos Lonicerae Rises Slightly

2021-09-08by admin

  1. Price trend

  Recently, the supply of flos lonicerae has become smoother, and the market has risen. The current price of flos lonicerae in Hebei is about 140-145 yuan/kg, which is 3.57% higher than the end of last month.

  Bozhou Market: Flos Lonicerae has been affected by the spread of the epidemic again. Recently, more merchants went to the production area to buy goods, and the transactions were more active. The price of Hebei origin was 140 yuan; the market reflected that there was no strong production area, and the Hebei package inspection of the decoction piece factory was 170 yuan , 145-150 yuan for the total goods, the holders are more reluctant to sell.

  Anguo market: flos lonicerae, affected by the epidemic in recent days, the supply of goods has been sold smoothly, and the market in the production area has risen, especially for high-quality goods. The market price has changed accordingly. The price is around 142, the second level is about 130, and the third level is about 110; the price of the three green flowers in Hebei is around 135 yuan.

  Pingyi County, Shandong: Flos Lonicerae, due to the tense epidemic situation, the market has risen slightly, especially the price of good goods has risen by about 6 to 8 yuan per kilogram. Now the origin of special grade goods is about 150, the first grade is about 142, and the second grade is about 130. , The third-level feed and use of goods are around 110. Recently, the movement of good goods has accelerated, and it is estimated that there will be more fluctuations in the later period.

  Julu County, Xingtai City, Hebei: flos lonicerae, recently there have been more merchants looking for goods, the supply transactions have been smooth, and the prices have risen slightly. Now the price of local green goods is around 130 yuan, and the price of blooming goods is around 100 yuan.

  2. Analysis of influencing factors

  Affected by COVID-19, the supply of goods is sold smoothly

  Flos lonicerae is the dry buds or open flowers of the honeysuckle plant of the family Loniceraceae or several species of the same genus. It is a commonly used variety and has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying. Because of its broad antibacterial spectrum and remarkable curative effect, it is widely used in clinical Chinese medicine, production and export of Chinese patent medicines.

  Flos lonicerae production areas are distributed in the northern part of the Central Plains in Pingyi, Shandong, Fengqiu, Henan, and Julu, Hebei, and they are relatively concentrated. The output can basically meet the consumption of most enterprises, and the epidemic demand or the reduction of production due to the disaster is good, and it is easy to initiate price increases.

  Recently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has become tense again, breaking people’s normal life again. Flos lonicerae has once again become a hot spot of attention. Recently, more merchants go to the production area to buy goods, transactions are more active, and the market has risen slightly.

  The number of production areas increased

  Flos lonicerae has high planting yields and huge market demand in recent years. Since 2016, prices have risen slowly. The state has vigorously supported poverty alleviation projects and farmers have actively planted it. The districts are still: Shandong Pingyi, Hebei Julu, Henan Fengqiu.

  Flos Lonicerae’s current market started in 2017. The price had been hovering in a downturn before, and production was also shrinking at that time. As the market rebounded, the market for flos Lonicerae soared to 250 yuan in 2018. Under the stimulus of high prices, Farmers in the production area have been motivated to plant. Therefore, the government has implemented large-scale planting. Through the support of the flos lonicerae industry, the development trend has been rapid. It can also be said that the expansion of this planting area will exert certain pressure on the future market.

  When the market is about to be adjusted, the new crown epidemic broke out in 2020, and the strong demand for the market has once again risen. The flos lonicerae market once again climbed to a high price of 280 yuan, which once again stimulated farmers’ enthusiasm for planting and a second expansion of production area.

  It usually takes 3-5 years for mature plants of flos lonicerae to enter the full blooming period. The full blooming period can be as long as 5-10 years. It has the characteristics of one-year planting and multi-year harvesting. According to time calculation, the first batch of expanded flos lonicerae has entered the full blooming period. , In the absence of special abnormal weather, the production capacity will not be small in the next few years.

  According to statistics, the output of flos lonicerae in 2020 is 14,685 tons. The projected output in 2021 will be higher than in 2020.

  Flos lonicerae pesticide residue exceeding standard becomes a thorny issue

  The 2020 edition of the Pharmacopoeia has been implemented. The biggest difference between it and the 2015 edition of the Pharmacopoeia is the addition of 33 pesticide residue determinations.

  Pesticide residues: 33 kinds of national pesticide residues, these 33 kinds of pesticides are the types banned by the country. For those plots in old production areas that have been planted for many years, the pesticide residues of the planted medicinal materials will basically exceed the standard due to the long-term use of pesticides and excessive pesticide residues.

  With the implementation of the implementation standards, some flos lonicerae suppliers have returned goods, which is also one of the factors affecting the flos lonicerae market this year.

  At present, the source of goods that can meet the pharmacopoeial standards is the best quality of flos lonicerae around Fengqiu, Henan. It has a high pass rate in terms of pesticide residues. This is also the reason why there are more merchants going to buy goods after the new production this year.

  3. Market forecast

  In summary, affected by COVID-19 in recent days, the supply of flos lonicerae has been selling smoothly, and the market in the production area has risen. However, the new production of flos lonicerae has increased year by year, and the supply is still oversupply. flos lonicerae will not be large in the short term rise.