SunSirs: The Cyclohexanone Market Fluctuated within a Narrow Range

2021-09-08by admin

  Price trend

  The cyclohexanone market fluctuated slightly, Jiangsu Haili’s installations were shut down for maintenance, and some companies entered the market to purchase, the price of cyclohexanone rose after the sales pressure of cyclohexanone factories eased. According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, as of August 3, the average domestic market price of cyclohexanone was 10,380 RMB/ton, the price fell 4.59% month-on-month and increased 84.26% year-on-year.

  Analysis review

  In terms of raw material pure benzene, because most downstream products were losing money and the market had less demand for replenishment, the spot purchase intentions during the cycle were not as expected, and the overall market atmosphere was weakening.

  On the downstream side, as for the CPL plant, Heze Xuyang CPL will restart a line at the end of the month, and the external cyclohexanone plant does not change much for the time being.

  Market outlook

  Recently, the cost of pure benzene market has mainly fallen. After the market price of cyclohexanone in some areas has risen, the downstream reaction has been mediocre. Cyclohexanone analysts of SunSirs predict that the cyclohexanone market will enter the stage of consolidation in short term.