SunSirs: Supply Decreased and CPL Prices Rose (July 26-30)

2021-09-08by admin

  Price trend

  According to data from SunSirs’bulk list, the average domestic liquid CPL price was 14,450 RMB/ton on July 26, and the average domestic liquid CPL price was 14,550 RMB/ton on July 30. CPL prices rose by 0.69% this week.

  Analysis review

  As of July 30, Nanjing Orient’s CPL liquid price was 15,300 RMB/ton, the 400,000-ton/year plant was operating normally, and the CPL plant was operating normally. The price of Sinopec CPL liquid was 14,900 RMB/ton. Baling Hengyi’s CPL liquid price was 14,900 RMB/ton, and the 450,000-ton/year plant started up normally. Baling Petrochemical’s CPL liquid price was 14,900 RMB/ton, and the 300,000-ton/year plant started up normally. Shandong Luxi Chemical’s CPL liquid price was 14,200 RMB/ton, and the manufacturer’s production capacity was 300,000 tons/year, and the actual transaction could be discussed.

  The average price of raw material pure benzene this week was 8,210 RMB/ton, down 2.84% from the beginning of the month. Due to the weakening of the trading atmosphere in the market, the price of styrene fell, and the pure benzene market was worrying. The downstream PA6 started stable, and the demand for CPL was acceptable.

  Market outlook

  The CPL analyst of SunSirs believes that although the current trend of raw material pure benzene is not good, the supply side has a certain degree of support for the CPL market due to the tight supply of factory maintenance, and the demand side is not good for the time being. It is expected that the price of CPL will be stabilized mainly in the short term.