SunSirs: Upstream and Futures are Improving, Cotton Yarn Market has Stabilized

2022-01-06by admin

  Price: On January 5, the price of 32S cotton yarn was 30,166 yuan/ton, the same as last week.

  Analysis: The cotton yarn futures market is rising, spot companies offer cautious prices, cotton yarn replenishment has improved month-on-month, and inventory has decreased slightly. On January 5, the average price of domestic cotton price index 3128B grade was 22246 yuan/ton, an increase of 139 yuan/ton from last weekend. Upstream costs are supported, and the upward focus of the futures market is positive for the cotton yarn spot market. Downstream weaving factories continue to be weak, and manufacturers mainly return funds. Near the end of the year, weaving companies have no good support. The spring and summer orders in the upper part of the demand are placed, and companies are cautious in receiving orders due to concerns about payment.

  Forecast: The demand for cotton yarn is at a low level compared with previous years. The market expects that the market will pick up after the year, and it is expected to maintain the consolidation pattern in the short term.