Shizong Guanidine Carbonate Recycling Jotun Polyurethane Paint High Price Recycling 2021

2021-09-09by admin

Shizong Guanidine Carbonate Recycling Jotun Polyurethane Paint High Price Recycling 2021
I recycle high-priced stocks of dyes, pigments, paints, resins, BYK leveling agents, defoamers, dispersants, paints and inks, UV absorbers, light stabilizers, initiators, color masterbatches, white carbon black; recycled emulsifiers , Surfactant; recycled polyether polyol, cold spray zinc paint, zinc silicate paint, isocyanate HDI, TDI, MDI, polyurea paint, ethyl silicate. Recovery of white oil, soybean oil, castor oil, turpentine, glycerin, silicone oil, motor oil, hydraulic oil; resorcinol, hydroquinone, antimony trioxide; recovery of pesticides, and intermediates;
In the top coat and paint formulations, the requirements for the appearance of the paint film are relatively high. Generally, low molecular weight leveling agents can be used, which will have good leveling properties and will not easily produce haze in the paint film. In the cross-linked curing system, the leveling agent with reactive functional groups is often used for better leveling and at the same time improve the physical and chemical properties of the paint film. Assuming that the paint film is required to have better mobility or demand and scratch resistance, silicone leveling agent is necessary. In this case, it is better to use silicone leveling agent and leveling agent in combination.
Recovery of urotropine sodium alginate, phenoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, UV resin chlorovinyl resin, chloroether resin, epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent fluorocarbon resin, terpene resin, phenol resin, acrylic resin, Alkyd resin, rosin resin, petroleum resin, silicone resin, polyamide resin, amino resin, polyvinyl chloride resin, sodium hypophosphite;
Recovery of toluene, xylene, dipropylene glycol methyl ether, isopropanol, aromatic hydrocarbon solvents: iodine, potassium iodide, rosin, zinc, calcium, barium and cadmium stearate, recovery of palm wax, paraffin wax, hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, various rubbers , Anti-aging agent, accelerator, recycled guar gum, polyvinyl alcohol, cellulose, polyacrylamide, starch, latex powder, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, copper gold powder, zinc powder, silver powder, aluminum silver paste, nickel sulfate; Shizong

Recycled powder, recycled stearic acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, cinnamic acid, lauric acid, niacin, phosphoric acid, glacial acetic acid, solid coupling agent, white mineral oil, liquid paraffin, fully semi-refined paraffin, plastic PP, PE, PA, EVA, granular TPU granules, nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, nickel acetate, nickel, zinc powder, chromic anhydride, urotropine, potassium sodium tartrate, green chromium, chromium trichloride, bleaching agent, boric acid , Thiourea, sodium benzoate, caustic soda, soda ash, trisodium phosphate, baking soda, recovery of various oily flavors, lemon oil, jasmine oil, rose oil, geranium oil, fennel oil, spearmint oil, whitening agent, Film, caustic soda, printing paste, nickel mesh, various vanillin essential oils, menthol, natural borneol potassium iodide, etc. Intermediaries are paid
Properties: Natural, cylindrical or oblate particles, the particles are smooth and clean, the size of the particles should be 2 mm to 5 mm in any direction, without mechanical impurities, and with thermoplasticity. The powder is white powder, and the qualified product is allowed to have micro. It is insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, but can swell in aliphatic hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons for a long time, and is slightly soluble in toluene and acetic acid above 70°C. Oxidation occurs when heated in the air and under the influence of sunlight. Can withstand most acids and alkalis. The water absorption is small, it can still maintain the property at low temperature, and the electrical insulation is high. Graphite resource is a kind of sexual resource. Only by continuously increasing the use and utilization of graphite resource can greater product added value be achieved. At present, my country lacks channels for the utilization and utilization of graphite resources, and there is more primary production of graphite, but there are no channels for the development and utilization of high-tech materials. Only the combination of effective products in the market and production and processing can generate more big profits, both of which are indispensable. The combination of graphite resources and high-tech products will inevitably play an irreplaceable push for the graphite industry. At present, the channels for combining the utilization of graphite resources in my country are relatively single, and there is no combination of market demand and product research and development. [8]

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