SunSirs: The Price of OX Finally Rose in August

2021-09-09by admin

  OX market remained stable

  According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, after the slight increase in the price of OX in early May, the price of OX remained stable for two and a half months. In August, the price of OX rose again, and the market of OX finally rose. The listing price of orthobenzene in August was 6,300 RMB/ton, an increase of 100 RMB/ton or 1.61% from the July listing price of 6,200 RMB/ton.

  Raw material prices fluctuated to stabilize

  According to the data of SunSirs, the price of mixed xylene rose first and then fell since July. The overall mixed xylene market stabilized, and the price of OX upstream raw materials stabilized. The upward momentum of OX market still existed, and the downward pressure weakened.

  The downstream market continued to rise

  According to the data of SunSirs, the price of PA continued to rise in July, and the market for PA rebounded sharply. The demand for OX rose, the demand for OX picked up, the demand for OX was just strong, and the momentum for the rise of OX increased.

  Market outlook

  The OX data analyst of SunSirs believes that since May, the price of mixed xylene stabilized at a high level, the cost of OX was stable, the momentum of OX’s rise still existed, and the downward pressure was weak; In July, the downstream PA market rose sharply, the downstream demand for OX recovered, and the downstream upward momentum of OX increased. Generally speaking, the recovery of downstream demand stimulated the rise in the phthalate market, and the price of phthalate finally rose in August.