SunSirs: China PC market is mainly Stable, with Steady Growth

2021-09-09by admin

  According to the data monitored by SunSirs, as of July 28, the comprehensive price of PC market was 25,125.00 RMB/ ton. PC has been stable and fluctuated in a narrow range recently. The price has increased by 4.36% compared with the same period last week and 4.18% compared with the same period last month. The manufacturer has positive shipment, smooth logistics, general enthusiasm for downstream procurement, and maintains strong operation in the short term.

  The overall market price of PC has increased slightly, the focus of negotiation is stable, the PC market is mainly high and volatile, the upstream decline is running, and the PC cost pressure is increasing. At present, the supply side is normal, the downstream demand is general, the wait-and-see atmosphere still exists, and there is a strong shock in the short term.

  The price of upstream bisphenol A fell, the downstream demand was cold, the overall market wait-and-see atmosphere was strong, and the weak operation was maintained in the short term.

  On July 27, the bisphenol a commodity index was 245.98, down 4.16 points from the previous day, down 13.14% from the highest point of 283.19 in the cycle (2021-04-16), and up 241.21% from the lowest point of 72.09 on April 6, 2020.(Note: period refers to 2020-03-01 to now)

  SunSirs PC analysts believe that: China PC market is expected to be stable and fluctuate in a narrow range.