SunSirs: The Peak Season Approaches, Cement Price in East China Moves Upward

2021-09-09by admin

  According to the monitoring of SunSirs, recently, the cement market in East China fell. The price was 431.60 RMB/ ton on July 26 and 432.40 RMB/ ton on July 29, an increase of 0.19%. The current price fell by 6.69% month on month and the current price rose by 4.70% year-on-year.

  The peak season in August is coming, the demand for cement is expected to rise, and the cement market shows a slight upward trend.

  In late July, although the construction on the construction site was slightly poor due to the typhoon weather, due to the large decline in the early stage, recently, cement manufacturers in some areas began to tentatively adjust prices. Affected by power rationing and peak shifting production policies in some regions, cement inventory decreased rapidly, and manufacturers showed strong willingness to rise, but the landing depends on the specific situation. The cement peak season is coming in August. After the typhoon, the downstream cement demand may enter the recovery period, and infrastructure construction is still the focus of investment. Local projects are started one after another. Driven by this, the cement demand is in sight.

  According to the prediction of SunSirs, the peak season in August is coming, the construction site will return to work after the typhoon, and the cement demand will return soon. Therefore, SunSirs cement product analysts believe that China cement market will mainly rise steadily in a short time.