SunSirs: The Manufacture’s Production Equipment Were Shut Down for Maintenance, and the Price of Acetic Acid Rose Accordingly

2021-09-09by admin

Price trend

According to the monitoring of the bulk data of SunSirs, the acetic acid market was consolidating upward. The price of acetic acid was 5,983.33 RMB/ton on the 29th, an increase of 2.28% from the previous working day’s price.

Analysis review

The domestic acetic acid market rose slightly, Guangxi and Anhui Huayi’s acetic acid plants were shut down due to failures, and individual acetic acid companies raised their quotations accordingly. East China, North China, and South China all increased to varying degrees

At present, the acetic acid market has sufficient stocks, downstream demand is general. Traders purchase rationally and purchases are limited. Business transactions are mostly based on negotiation, and the actual transaction price of acetic acid is low. Market trading is relatively stable, the atmosphere in the market is mainly wait-and-see, and there is little room for growth in the short term.

Market outlook

In the later stage, the acetic acid market is mainly organized to run, and it is necessary to wait and see the trading situation of the downstream market.