SunSirs: China PET Market Price Runs smoothly

2021-09-09by admin

  According to the data monitored by SunSirs, as of July 27, the average price of PET water bottle manufacturers was 7,380.00 RMB/ ton. The pet market as a whole operated smoothly, with a slight upward trend. The manufacturer’s quotation increased slightly, up 9.6% compared with the same period last month and 2.93% compared with the same period last week.

  Recently, the PET market price is mainly stable, and the prices of some manufacturers have increased slightly, with a narrow upward range. At present, the pet inventory is normal, the downstream just needs to purchase, the procurement enthusiasm is general, the negotiation focus is stable, and the mainstream PET price range is about 7,200 RMB/ ton.

  On July 27, the rubber and plastic index was 804 points, down 2 points from the previous day, down 24.15% from the highest point of 1060 points in the cycle (March 14, 2012), and up 52.27% from the lowest point of 528 points on April 6, 2020(Note: period refers to from December 1, 2011 to now).

  PET analysts believe that China PET prices are mainly stable and narrow in the short term.