SunSirs: Sulfur Price Was Stable at a High Level

2021-09-09by admin

  Price trend

  According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the trend of sulfur prices in East China this week was running smoothly. The average production price of sulfur on July 25 was 1,646.67 RMB/ton, which was stable compared with the price on July 19 and increased by 0.20% from the beginning of July.

  Analysis review

  The domestic sulfur market was mainly consolidating. The refineries in various regions were mainly stable, with small fluctuations. The downstream factories purchased in the market mainly on demand. The market had a small number of orders. The port spot was relatively concentrated, and the supply ship volume was limited. The market was full of wait-and-see mentality. During the week, various domestic refineries adjusted their prices according to their own shipments. The price of liquid sulfur was increased by 20-30 RMB/ton, and the price of solid sulfur was temporarily stable.

  In the downstream phosphate fertilizer market, the price of ammonium biphosphate remained stable, while the price of DAP rose slightly. Ammonium biphosphate companies had sufficient orders, mainly digested early export orders and accepted a small number of new orders. The spot supply wass limited, on-site supply was tight, and prices remained high. Domestic demand for DAP was strong, and companies mainly supplied early export orders. Coupled with the approach of fertilizer use in autumn, domestic demand is improving and the market outlook may continue to rise. Comprehensive analysis shows that the phosphate fertilizer market has a good support for the later trend of upstream sulfur.

  Market outlook

  The sulfur analysts of SunSirs believe that the domestic sulfur market remains stable at a high level, the production and sales of refineries in various regions are stable, and the market transactions are good. Coupled with the support of the downstream phosphate fertilizer to the sulfur market, the industry has a positive attitude. In the future, the sulfur market will continue to be adjusted at a high level, with specific attention to market transactions.