SunSirs: China Glass Spot Market was Weak and Ddownward on January 6

2022-01-11by admin

  Latest price January 6: 23.63 RMB/ m2

  On January 6, 2022, the glass spot market was weak and downward. In terms of Shahe in North China, the market transaction is light, the wait-and-see mood in the downstream is strong, the market price has declined, and the enterprise ships flexibly. The market in East China has a strong wait-and-see mood and the transaction is flexible. There is a strong wait-and-see mood in the lower reaches of central China, the willingness to take goods in the lower reaches is not high, and the price has declined. South China’s glass spot market is general, and the downstream just needs replenishment.

  It is expected that China glass spot market will continue to be weak in the short term.