Guangdong Huizhou buys inventory modified epoxy curing agent liquefied MDI long-term recovery

2021-09-10by admin

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The main feature of the long-term recovery of rosin-modified phenolic resin is still the synthetic process of the long-term recovery of rosin-modified phenolic resin that is requested to purchase inventory modified epoxy curing agent in Huizhou, Guangdong. The one-step method is characterized by mixing raw materials such as phenol and aldehyde with rosin and reacting directly. The process is simple, but the control requirements such as heating in subsequent steps are relatively high; the two-step method is characterized by pre-synthesis of phenolic condensate intermediates, and then reacts with rosin. The system reacts, after each specific reaction stage, a resin with low acid value, high softening point, equivalent molecular weight and certain mineral oil solvent solubility is formed. ABS is shallow granular or bead-like without resin, odorless, low water absorption, has good comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, such as electrical properties, abrasion resistance, dimensionality, chemical resistance and surface gloss, etc., and is easy to process and shape. The disadvantages are weather resistance, poor heat resistance, and flammability.
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3. Compatibility or matching between the surface polarity of the pigment and the dispersion medium;
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