SunSirs: Stocking up during the Spring Festival, Price of Zinc in the Chinese Market Fluctuates and Rises

2022-01-19by admin

Zinc prices edge up after holiday
Zinc prices rose slightly after New Year’s Day, and the zinc market rose slowly. As of January 18, the zinc price was 24,700 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.97% from the January 1 zinc price of 24,222 yuan/ton. Zinc prices rose slowly, and the zinc market rose in shock after the holiday.
The central bank cuts interest rates by 10 basis points
On January 17, the People’s Bank of China announced that in order to maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity in the banking system, it will carry out 700 billion yuan of medium-term lending facilities (MLF) operations and 100 billion yuan of open market reverse repurchase operations on the same day. The winning bid rates for medium-term lending facility (MLF) operations and open market reverse repurchase operations both fell by 10 basis points. Affected by the favorable policy rate cut, the non-ferrous metal market is expected to rise.
Nonferrous metals index rose
In January 2022, the non-ferrous metal index fluctuated and rose. The non-ferrous metal index on January 18 was 1278 points, an increase of 41 points or 3.35% from 1237 points on January 1. The non-ferrous metal sector rose, followed by the zinc market.
Market outlook
Under the weak supply and demand market, stocking up during the Spring Festival, downstream demand rose slightly, the central bank’s interest rate cut is good for non-ferrous metals in the market outlook, domestic zinc mines and zinc smelting production are normal, domestic short-term accumulation of stocks, non-ferrous metal sectors rose, zinc market prices followed up, zinc market The overall upward support remains limited downward pressure. Zinc prices are expected to rise slightly in the market outlook.
Relevant listed companies: Zhongjin Lingnan (000060), Chihong Zinc and Germanium (600497).