SunSirs: On January 17, Price of Magnesium Fell

2022-01-19by admin

  Market analysis

  On the 13th, the ex-factory price including tax in 99.9% of the mainstream areas was 43,666.67 yuan / ton, down 2.24% from the previous weekend. Since the beginning of last week, the price of magnesium ingots has fallen from a high level.

  In the short term, there is no good news in the market. With the Spring Festival approaching, the possibility of further changes on the policy side is also low, and downstream users are more likely to choose to wait and see cautiously. Last week, the price of magnesium gradually fell to the price expected by customers. During the weekend, some downstream users made bargain purchases, and the transaction improved. Now the supply of magnesium ingots at the price of 40,000-41,000 yuan / ton in the market is decreasing. Today, some traders have improved due to the weekend transaction. Quotes stabilized.Market outlook

  On the whole, considering that the Spring Festival is approaching, and there was another wave of concentrated stocking last weekend, analysts believe that the demand will not increase before the year, and the low-priced supply of magnesium plants will gradually decrease, and the inventory pressure will ease. It is expected that the price of magnesium will remain high. Keep running.