SunSirs: On February 23, the Scope of the First Increases of Coke Was Expanded

  According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, the price of primary metallurgical coke in Shanxi on February 22 was 2,594 RMB/ton.

  Analysis review

  Recently, the overall coking coal market has been operating steadily, and coal mines have resumed production one after another. The overall supply of the coking coal market is relatively loose, downstream demand has improved, and shipments have been relatively good.

  On the 22nd, the coke market was generally stable and strong, and the scope of the first round of increase was expanded. At present, the coking enterprises have a good shipment situation, downstream demand has rebounded, and purchasing intentions are good. At present, the overall inventory in the factory is low, and the coking enterprise has a good mentality. The enthusiasm for downstream procurement has increased significantly, and the demand for coke is relatively good.

  Market outlook

  It is expected that the coke market will continue to be stable and tend to be strong, focusing on the coke inventory in various links and the start-up of downstream steel plants.