Recycling vegetable oil safety professional-Tuoketuo buys expired Desmod MDI

2021-09-13by admin

Hebei Shaoteng Chemical Company recycles vegetable oil, Desmodu MDI:
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Recycling vegetable oil safety professional-Tuoketuo buys expired Desmod MDI

When the “Emission Standard for Air Pollutants for Thermal Power Plants” (GB13223211) was released, it was widely questioned. The power industry generally believes that the standard emission limits are too strict. However, with the increasing environmental air pollution, especially the frequent occurrence of haze in key areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and the introduction of the Air Pollution Action Plan, the power industry has gradually realized the importance of this standard It is not only necessary to take active measures to achieve emission standards as much as possible, but also many group companies have begun to implement research on coal-fired power plants to meet gas turbine emission standards, and further put forward the concept of ultra-low emissions from coal-fired power plants. However, in order to show a strong position, many departments have to take the lead in the division, and win-win has become empty talk. , The financial management system of public utilities also has policy barriers to LED street lamp energy-saving renovation projects: the annual electricity cost of street lamps in a local municipal organization is 10,000 yuan, and after the introduction of LED street lamp renovation, it is reduced to 30,000 yuan, but according to the financial system of departmental reimbursement, it cannot go smoothly The land used the 70,000 yuan saved in energy-saving benefits to share with LED street light companies: In this way, not only the investment of LED street light companies cannot be recovered, but these municipal units have no enthusiasm to introduce LED street light transformation.
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Liu Dehong et al. conducted an indoor simulated earthworm toxicity test with Suzhou Wujiang paddy field yellow soil [pH 6.2, w (organic matter) 2.65%, cation exchange capacity 25.5 cmoldot; kg-1], and showed that exogenous cadmium has an effect on Eisenia vulgaris The LC5 of Eiseniafoelide and Pheretimaguillemi are 89~1138 and 78~13mgdot; kg-1, respectively. Zhao Junjie et al. studied cadmium with yellow brown soil from farmland in Jiangning District, Nanjing [pH value of 6.53, w (organic matter) of .69%, w (clay) of 19.78%, and cation exchange capacity of 8.95 cmoldot; kg-1]. The effect on earthworm metallothionein, the results showed that after treatment with exogenous soil cadmium (1 and 3mgdot; kg-1), the content of earthworm metallothionein all showed an upward trend, 3mgdot; kg-1 soil cadmium treatment after 14 and 28 days , The metallothionein content was 8., 23.8 and 35.1 times of the control.
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