Wing On Recycling MDI Professional Recycling

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Wing On Recycling MDI Professional Recycling

Shuida Chemical Recycling Company collects organic pigments: Phthalocyanine Blue, Phthalocyanine Green, Permanent Red Yellow Orange Orange Purple Series. Various organic pigments such as light fast series, Lisor red, scarlet powder, green lotus color source, peach red lake and so on.
Recycled inorganic pigments: titanium, molybdenum chrome red, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, red lead powder, yellow lead powder, chromium powder, zinc powder, gold powder, silver powder, and other pigments.

Recycled paints: alkyd blend paint, epoxy zinc-rich paint, metal baking paint, paint, plastic paint, marine paint, various primers, halfway paint, top paint and residual pigment resin recovery from stock.

Recycling inks: Resin offset ink, offset printing quick-drying bright ink, plastic surface printing letterpress ink, plastic gravure ink, plastic composite printing ink, gravure ink, pvc ink and the recovery of remaining pigment resin in stock.
Since 2020, there have been three land plots with a total price of more than 10 billion yuan, with a total price of 31 billion yuan, 11.6 billion yuan and 10.4 billion yuan, located in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen. Centaline Property analyst Zhang Dawei said that strictly speaking, there is no “land king” this year, the general land premium rate does not exceed 50%, and the floor price is lower than the surrounding housing prices. However, the land premium rate of hotspot cities has obviously started to rise. (Daily) 26 [Times front-page comment: Fiscal revenue and expenditure pressure slows down, infrastructure is stable and growth momentum is strong] The fiscal revenue and expenditure in April announced that the decline in fiscal revenue has significantly narrowed, the increase in fiscal expenditure has changed from negative to positive, and infrastructure has stabilized growth. The force is obvious, and the counter-cyclical adjustment effect of fiscal policy is emerging. The pressure on fiscal revenue has passed, and fiscal revenue is gradually recovering as the economy gradually recovers. As the economy gradually improves in the future, the pressure on fiscal revenue and expenditure will be further reduced. Local forces have steadily increased in the resumption of work and production.
Recycled resins: alkyd resins, modified phenolic resins, modified rosin resins, phenolic resins, rosin resins, epoxy resins, polyamide resins, polypropylene resins, polyols, polyphenylenes, resins, resins, nitro resins, etc. .

The company recovers all kinds of overstocked chemical raw materials, electroplating chemical additives, nickel, stannous, nickel chloride, zinc chloride, zinc oxide, stannous chloride, copper chloride, copper oxide, zinc oxide, and stannic acid Sodium, chromic anhydride, oxalic acid, chemical additives, polyethylene glycol, ethylene glycol, phenolic resin, bisphenol a, salicylic acid, fumaric acid, glycine, oleic acid, adipic acid, thiourea, cyclic Oxygen resin, petroleum resin, rosin modified resin, polyamide resin, 650 resin, t31 curing agent, stearic acid, paraffin, chlorinated paraffin, various silicone oils, silicone oil emulsifiers, op-10, pigments; permanent, Taiqing, light fast, scarlet powder, Lithol, medium chromium, lake, permanent, color original. Products and services provided by chemical resource reuse

It has caused serious harm to local food and agricultural production and has received widespread attention from society. Experts believe that although the probability of desert locusts migrating and invading our country is very small, prevention should be strengthened. 13:57:41 Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Forestry and Grass Bureau Regarding the issuance of the notice: the overall goal is [two efforts to ensure”.
The conference has made appropriate media interviews. A small number of Chinese and foreign reporters in Beijing are invited to interview at the conference hall. 3 [channel” interview activities will be arranged through online video. Group meetings will not be arranged for concentrated interviews. Chinese and foreign journalists are welcome to use video, online, and written interviews. , Each resident has set up an online video interview room.