SunSirs: Diethylene Glycol Price Is Fluctuating in a Range

2021-09-13by admin

  Price trend

  According to data from SunSirs, on July 23, the average market price of diethylene glycol is 6,036.67 RMB/ton, a decrease of 29.33 RMB/ton from last Friday, a decrease of 0.48%.

  This week, the price range of diethylene glycol fluctuated. Sinopec’s ex-factory price in North China is temporarily stable, and Sinopec’s ex-factory price in South China is temporarily stable. PetroChina’s Northeast Jilin Petrochemical’s offer is lowered by 600 RMB/ton.

  Analysis review

  As of July 19, the total inventory of diethylene glycol in the main ports of East China was 19,600 tons, a decrease of 4,700 tons from last Monday, a decrease of 19.34%.

  Sinopec’s South China plant is running smoothly. PetroChina Northeast Jilin Petrochemical is currently shutting down its diethylene glycol production line for maintenance. The production capacity of the plant is 109,000 tons/year, and it is expected to restart in late July. It is mainly supplied to users in the Northeast region, most of which are self-produced and used, with few external sales.

  Market outlook

  The overall supply and demand performance is relatively stable. The low prices of downstream factories and the small stocking support the market real orders to go up, and the transaction is slightly supported. Crude oil and ethylene glycol rose, giving the market certain support and boost. It is expected that the short-term diethylene glycol market will continue to fluctuate and consolidate.