SunSirs: The Ferrosilicon Spot Market Will Continue to Be Strong in the Short Term

2021-09-13by admin

Price trend

For domestic ferrosilicon (grade: FeSi75~B; particle size/mm: natural block), the price at the main plant in Ningxia is around 8,100-8,200 RMB/ton, and the spot is stable.

Analysis review

The ferrosilicon market maintains a high level and runs steadily. As production restrictions continue to intensify, the shortage of spot resources has increased, which may support the ferrosilicon spot market to a certain extent, and the price may remain firm. The current bidding prices for mainstream steel mills have basically been finalized, and the market outlook is clear. However, in the face of frequent policy news and volatile futures, the mood in the industry has been stable and quiet, mostly with a cautious attitude.

Market outlook

In the short term, due to Qinghai’s dual energy consumption control policy and the implementation of the Shaanxi regional policy is not yet clear, the spot price of ferrosilicon does not fluctuate much. The ferrosilicon spot market is expected to remain strong in the short term.