The Egg Spot Continues to Rise in Chinese Market, and the Disk Premium is Squeezed out

2021-09-13by admin

  Disk situation: Egg 2109 contract was -0.37% from the previous trading day, the highest was 4716 yuan/500 kg, the lowest was 4611 yuan/500 kg, and the closing price was 4626 yuan/500 kg; 152878 lots were traded, and open interest was 161223 lots, -1072 lots ; JD9-January price difference +88 yuan / 500 kg.

  Spot: The spot price of eggs is reported at 4375 yuan/500 kg, which is +53 yuan/500 kg compared to the previous trading day.

  Warehouse Receipt: Report 18 egg warehouse receipts, 0.

  Position changes: The top 20 long positions of the mainstream funds of the egg 2109 contract were reported to 77,621 hands, -1188 hands, and the top 20 short positions were reported to 84,559 hands, +4707 hands, and the net short position was 6,938 hands.

  Summary: Recently, the spot price of eggs has entered a seasonal increase cycle, superimposed on Henan as a major egg supply province, successive heavy rains have hindered the export of eggs, and the short-term supply has been reduced, which has supported the disk. The stock of laying hens is at a low level, and the temperature rises, the laying rate has declined, and the short-term supply of eggs is not under pressure. And major food companies began to stock up for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the market’s delivery speed accelerated. However, in the first half of the year, the number of replenishment continued to increase, and the number of newly opened laying hens gradually increased. In addition, although the number of old chickens eliminated last week increased from the previous week, the peak season is expected to be bullish, and the mentality of breeding reluctance is still common, and breeding companies are generally In Yantao, the stock of laying hens in the second half of the year is expected to increase compared with the first half, and the seasonal boost may be less than expected. On the disk, egg futures prices have rebounded in shocks recently, the MACD green column has shortened, and the willingness to fall has weakened. In terms of operation, it is recommended that the Egg 09 contract be on the sidelines for the time being, activists can try more bargain-hunting, and stop loss at the previous low.