SunSirs: Output Reduction and Large Demand Gap, Ophiopogon Japonicus Market Steadily Rise in China, up 2.52% Month-on-Month

2021-09-13by admin

  1. Price trend

  After the rise in the production period of Ophiopogon japonicus, the market situation has been relatively stable in recent times with little fluctuation. The current price of Ophiopogon japonicus in Sichuan is around 62-65 yuan/kg, up 2.52% compared to the end of last month.

  Bozhou market: Ophiopogon japonicus, the source of the production area is selling smoothly, the market is stable and rising, market holders are bidding strong, the market price of medium-sized goods is around 60 yuan, the price of medium and below-medium sources is around 57 yuan, and the price of medium and upper-level goods is around RMB 60. At 65 yuan.

  Anguo market: Ophiopogon japonicus has been selling smoothly in the production area recently, and the market has risen steadily. The market holders’ bidding prices are firmer than the previous period. The current market price of medium-sized goods is around 60 yuan, and the price of medium and below-medium sources is around 57 yuan. The upper-middle price is 65 yuan.

  Sichuan Santai: Ophiopogon still pays attention to many merchants recently, but there are not many actual purchases. The transaction is mainly based on the on-demand purchase by the personnel of the pharmaceutical factory. The market remains stable for the time being. The current transaction price of the upper-class goods is 63-64. The transaction price of medium-sized goods is around 60 yuan, and the transaction price of pharmaceutical products is 54-55 yuan. Merchants have a positive attitude towards sales.

  2. Analysis of influencing factors

  Ophiopogon japonicus is a perennial evergreen plant of Liliaceae. The root is thick, and the middle or near the end often swells into oval or spindle-shaped small roots. The stem is very short, the leaf base is formed into clumps, grass-like leaves, and bracts are covered. Needle-shaped, apex acuminate, seeds spherical, flowering from May to August, fruiting from August to September. The small root of Ophiopogon japonicus is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of promoting body fluids, quenching thirst, moisturizing the lungs and relieving coughs. New production starts every March.

  Ophiopogon production decreased

  Chuan Ophiopogon is mainly distributed in Huayuan Town, Laoma Town, Yongming Town, Jilin Town, Liuying Town, Xinde Town, Luxi Town, Lingxing Town and other towns in Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan. Among them, the Huayuan Town of Santai County is the core planting area of​​Ophiopogon japonicus and the distribution center of Ophiopogon japonicus.

  The new production of Ophiopogon japonicus is generally carried out at the same time as digging and planting. While taking the roots, the seedlings can also be used as seedlings. The cost of developing a seedling can be saved. Therefore, the planting scale of large-scale development in the early stage is difficult to converge.

  In 2020, the output of Ophiopogon japonicus will be about 12,000 tons. Last year, the planting area in the secondary production area decreased by 20%, and the planting area in the main production area was not severely reduced, so the overall average reduction in planting area was about 10%.

  The flooding from July to August last year caused various major producing areas to be affected to varying degrees. Among them, several high-capacity and high-quality production areas were more severely affected, resulting in a decrease in the quantity of new Ophiopogon japonicus on the market and a significant drop in quality after the year. Look, it is estimated that there will be a reduction in production of about 2000-2500 tons.

  Compared with last year, the planting area this year has little change in the main production area, and the by-product area has slightly decreased. This year’s new Ophiopogon has a heavy overall moisture content, small overall particles, poor drying rate, reduced yield per acre, increased labor costs, uneconomical farmers, and a small amount of land in the main producing area to exchange land for other crops, resulting in a new planting area of​​Ophiopogon Slightly less than last year.

  The demand gap is large

  Ophiopogon has a wide range of medicinal values, mainly for nourishing yin, nourishing body fluid, nourishing the lungs and clearing the heart, and can be used as both medicine and food. It is used as an auxiliary medicine for dryness of the lungs, dry coughs, coughs due to fatigue, thirst for body wounds, upset, insomnia, internal heat to quench thirst, dry intestines, constipation, diphtheria and other diseases.

  Ophiopogon japonicus is currently a medicinal and edible species, and the market demand is large. Nowadays, planting and living in Sichuan, Hubei, Shandong, Fujian and other regions are gradually being widely promoted. The market demand is mainly Ophiopogon japonicus, occupying about 60% of the market. The main sources of goods are the market, pharmaceutical factories and food processing drugs. The main channels for the delivery of Ophiopogon japonicus in Hubei and Shandong are the market, pharmaceutical factories and food and health care, occupying about 30-40% of the market.

  According to the National Catalogue of Chinese Patent Medicines, there are 89 kinds of Chinese patent medicines such as Xuanmai Granules, Shengmaiyin and Qingchunbao produced from Ophiopogon japonicus as raw materials. In terms of foreign trade, Ophiopogon japonicus is an important export product of our country, which is exported to Asian countries. With the development of domestic and foreign medical care and the expansion of foreign trade, the consumption of Ophiopogon japonicus is about 12,000 tons.

  Due to the epidemic in 2020, the market in the production area of​​Ophiopogon japonicus was temporarily sluggish, and the mid-level market price once fell to about 41 yuan for the floor, causing many merchants in the production area to lose more in the first half of last year and sell! Since September last year, due to the improvement of the national epidemic situation, major pharmaceutical companies have resumed production, which drove the steady rise in the second half of last year in the production area of​​Ophiopogon japonicus, especially the three-level Pingyang input specifications, the demand gap was large, resulting in a sharp rise in single specifications. By the end of last year, many of the merchants who sold out from June to July had their thighs broken.

  The pull of domestic demand, supply and demand in the production area

  This year, there is money to enter the production area for speculation, and the violent coming has caught many experienced and large households by surprise.

  A few hundred tons of goods can be purchased in a few days, so that the price of unified goods has risen by more than a dozen yuan, and the operation method is unexpected, the funds are in place, and the popular support is also echoed by the small households! From the beginning of the rise to the current price, there is no slight downward trend. On the contrary, with the recent orders from several major domestic pharmaceutical factories, the market for Ophiopogon japonicus has become more robust!

  From the perspective of the external environment, the central bank began to cut the RRR on July 15 this year to release 1 trillion of funds to stimulate the economy, and banks have also extended more loans, making it more convenient for large and small households in production areas to obtain financing.

  3. Market outlook

  In summary, this year’s production of Ophiopogon japonicus, coupled with poor quality, and a large demand gap, driven by domestic demand and demand in the on-board production area, the overall market for Ophiopogon japonicus rose steadily in the first half of the year. Business analysis believes that the market for Ophiopogon should be able to maintain high prices in the short term. .