SunSirs: China Petroleum Coke Prices rose slightly Last Week (Juy 12-18)

2021-09-13by admin

  According to data from SunSirs, the price of petroleum coke products from domestic refiners rose slightly. On July 18, the average price of petroleum coke in Shandong was 2,214.00 RMB/ ton, compared with the average price of petroleum coke on July 12, which was 2,194.00 RMB/ ton, increased 0.91%.

  On July 18, the petroleum coke commodity index was 172.20, which was the same as the previous day. It was 6.53% lower than the highest point in the cycle of 184.23 points (2021-05-25), and 157.44 higher than the lowest point of 66.89 points on March 28, 2016. %. (Note: Period refers to 2012-09-30 to present)

  Last week there was an increase in refinery overhauls and a decrease in the supply of petroleum coke. Local coking prices have risen well.

  Upstream: International crude oil prices fluctuated and declined, the Fed’s stance was fluctuating under high inflation, the U.S. CPI surged unexpectedly in June, and the market was generally worried about the tightening of monetary policy brought about by high inflation pressure; the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies (OPEC+) policies After landing, the agreement to increase production is reached, the market expects that the supply will increase; the superimposed virus mutation and the speed of spread will accelerate, and under the severe trend of multi-country epidemics, the implementation of blockade measures to suppress fuel demand, etc.

  Downstream: Supported by the rigid demand of electrolytic aluminum enterprises, the overall shipment of carbon products is good; the price of calcined coke has risen; the price of downstream electrolytic aluminum rose last week, as of July 19, the price is 19,426.67 RMB/ ton; In the short term, the downstream organic silicon and polysilicon industries are in strong demand, and the market price of metal silicon is rising steadily.

  Industry: According to the price monitoring of SunSirs, in the 28th week of 2021 (7.12-7.16), there were 6 commodities in the energy sector that have increased month-on-month in the 28th week of 2021 (7.12-7.16). The top 3 commodities were LNG (3.75%) and thermal coal (2.29%), LPG (1.52%). A total of 9 commodities fell month-on-month, and 1 commodity fell more than 5%, accounting for 6.3% of the number of monitored commodities in this sector; the top 3 products that fell were coke (-5.26%) and WTI crude oil (-3.90%) ), Brent crude oil (-2.75%). The average increase and decrease last week was -0.49%.

  SunSirs petroleum coke analyst believes that the refinery has been overhauled recently, the supply of petcoke from local refineries has decreased, and the electrolytic aluminum market has performed well. Carbon companies are proactive in purchasing petroleum coke, supported by supply and demand. It is expected that petroleum coke may rise steadily in China in the near future.