SunSirs: Weak Demand, China’s Polyamide Prices Stabilized Last Week

2021-09-15by admin

  As of July 16, the price of polyamideDTY in Jiangsu area was 20,360 yuan/ton, the same as last week’s price, and the price was 700 yuan/ton higher than the end of June; the price of polyamidePOY was 17950 yuan/ton, the same as last week’s price, and the price was higher than that at the end of June. 825 yuan/ton; the price of polyamideFDY was reported at 20,933 yuan/ton, which was the same as last week’s price, and was 933 yuan/ton higher than the price at the end of June. From the perspective of price trends, the current polyamide price is at a high level. In early July, the polyamide market ushered in its first rise, mainly driven by the cost of upstream raw materials. The polyamide market rose across the board. Last week, the polyamide price was stable. The upstream and downstream parties are cautious about the market outlook. Stronger.

  Analysis of the trend

  The cost of the upstream raw material cyclohexanone is weakening, the demand is just weak, and the market price rises and then falls. As of July 15th, the average domestic market price of cyclohexanone was RMB 10,580/ton, which was down from last week. The overall start of construction remained low, and downstream demand was weak.

  Cyclohexanone price chart

  Raw material PA6 The market trend was positive in early July, and the spot price generally increased. As of July 15th, the mainstream offer price of 2.75-2.85 for the sample companies to China Sticky Corporation was around 15,000 yuan/ton, a 2.97% increase from the average price at the beginning of the month and a 23.29% increase from the same period last year. At present, the overall operating rate of domestic PA6 polymerization plants is about 60%, and the supply side is good for conventional spinning chip products. Among them, polyamide filament load 80% is relatively high, and the profit is not obvious. The raw material caprolactam strengthened at the beginning of the month, and the cost support of PA6 was strengthened, and the price rose upstream. However, the downstream polyamide has poor acceptance of high-priced goods, and on-site trading is still dominated by contracts. Terminal factories are cautious in purchasing operations, and take them as they need to replenish them. Overall, the current PA6 market is bearish, and it is expected that the spot price of PA6 may run at a stalemate in the near future.

  Downstream market demand

  The demand for polyamide downstream terminals is still sluggish, and the goods are available on demand. Some customers have a low price in the early stage to cover up their positions, and the enthusiasm for acquiring goods is not good. In addition, the terminal field is still in the traditional off-season. Recently, the prices of polyester, spandex, and polyamide yarns have continued to rise. Downstream customers said they were under pressure and cash flow was difficult, so they did not dare to stock up more. The overall market continues to be mainly in demand, and all parties are cautious and wait-and-see attitude towards the market outlook.

  According to many polyamide manufacturers, the downstream demand for polyamide is not high, and most downstream companies maintain normal and just need to get the goods, basically small orders, the market is weak, basically in a situation of price but no market, the supply of goods on the market is sufficient, and the inventory Increased, some manufacturers started to adjust accordingly, upstream and downstream parties are cautious about the market outlook.

  Market Forecast

  The terminal demand for polyamide has not improved significantly. Most downstream companies maintain normal and just need to get the goods, and order support is limited; but the cost support is strong. Last week, the price of polyamide was stable, the market demand was weak, and the manufacturers were more willing to hold on to the price. As the prices of upstream raw materials fell , It is expected that the polyamide market will go down in the short term.